Serving all your needs for hardwood floors. We specialize and provide quality
floor installation, finishing and repairs.
Hardwood floors unfinished, refinished floors, engineered hardwood floor, solid hardwood floor and exotic hardwood floor
make refinishing, repair and touch up.



We design furniture,vanities, entertainment centers, closets, garages, laundry’s, small cabinets for hallways, lost wall cabinets , beds,headboards.
Our designs are used in metals, glass, upholstery, chrome, lights, sound system and exotic woods



New kitchen cabinets and reface
We designed the kitchen agree to your individual needs, and each has its own style, install any accessories in the drawers, doors,
trash cans and more …….
we give finished in any solid color or stain
if somehow you want to keep your kitchen that is in good condition, or a special occasion, or just want to renew it, we can do a matching reface the existing color or completely changing the color and style



In our furniture, kitchens, frames, floors, doors, stairs,moldings…..
Exist infinity of colors, shapes, wood, metals and styles.
we are qualified and have the experience to work in them.
We have extensive techniques in antique styles
work with laquer, crackle, gold leaf
make custom color and matched colors.